Commercial Contacts

Your personalised contacts program

Once market research has shown that there is potential in the Swiss market and that the company has a complete understanding of all the regulatory requirements, it is time to start looking for potential customers. However, it is often difficult to establish contacts from abroad due to:

  • language barriers
  • a wariness by potential customers of ‘cold-calling’ emails, which often go unanswered
  • cultural differences in doing business: expectations are not always the same on both sides during a first contact.

Prodigo supports you:

Having offices in Switzerland’s two main linguistic regions (in Zurich and Neuchâtel), Prodigo exploits the advantage of proximity and the knowledge of local players. Its experience proves several times that this is a valuable advantage.

Depending on your availability and based on the type of prospects you wish to meet, Prodigo can arrange a fact-finding trip for you in Switzerland. Prodigo will set up a contacts program including a daily roadmap, introductions to contacts, and accommodation.