Anchored in the heart of Europe without being part of the European Union, Switzerland is a small country in size, but it has many advantages. Whether from an economic, political, cultural or scientific point of view, Switzerland has many strengths. Prodigo supports you in setting up your activity in this environment, which is rich in opportunities, but not always easy to approach.


Switzerland’s liberal economy provides an enabling environment for business development. The country regularly leads international rankings when it comes to competitiveness. The simplicity of its administrative procedures makes it easy to set up an activity. The tax rate on profits is also one of the lowest in the world.


The Swiss democratic model is envied by many countries around the world. It is based on a system of direct democracy in which the people can regularly express their opinions through referendums and initiatives. Dialogue and consensus are the basis of most decisions taken. The result is a peaceful society that is at the core of the success of the Swiss model.

While certain areas are managed at the federal level, the 26 cantonal authorities that make up the country have considerable flexibility in the application of laws in the cantons. This sometimes results in significant regional differences which could affect your business.

Scientific Research

With competence centres such as the Federal Polytechnic Schools of Zurich (ETHZ) and Lausanne (EPFZ) (both are very highly internationally ranked), Switzerland is the undisputed world champion of innovation. Since 2011, it has been ranked first in the Global Innovation Index established by the World Intellectual Protection Organization (WIPO). This culture of innovation is present throughout Switzerland and is reflected in the presence of flagship companies in leading industries (e.g. precision mechanics, nanotechnology, pharmaceutical and bio-technology).


With four national languages ​​and the 26 cantons, Switzerland is a mosaic of culture. Almost every canton has its traditions and specificities, which naturally impact on the ways of doing business in them.