Encouraging growth forecasts for the Swiss economy for 2021

The Swiss federal Government’s experts group, confirming its forecasts of April, expects a strong economic recovery in 2021 (+4.9%) after a historic recession in 2020 (-6.5%) due to the Covid crisis.

These encouraging outlooks show the resilience of the Swiss system, which is emerging as one of the countries that have best succeeded in limiting the impact of the crisis on its economy. According to a recent survey conducted by the UBS bank, 71% of the surveyed Swiss companies expect in 2022 a turnover at least as high as in 2019 and 87% plan to hire at least more employees than in 2019.

Despite this promising context, the Swiss economy presents specifications that are not easy to understand by those who are not familiar with them, for example at the regulatory and customs level (as Switzerland is not a member of the EU). Prodigo supports you in finding economic outlets for your products or services by conducting market analyses and establishing commercial contact programs, in setting up your company in Switzerland or by assuming your tax representation.

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SECO, State Secretariat for Economic Affairs
UBS Bank