“MoveSole is proud to start a cooperation with Prodigo on the Swiss market. Even though the companies are now taking the first steps together, MoveSole has full confidence in the Prodigo team to build new business opportunities and open interesting doors to business. MoveSole is looking forward to the partnership in the future.

Switzerland is a very interesting market for both MoveSole devices – MoveSole StepLab and MoveSole Research – as the Swiss healthcare market is very advanced in terms of how companies and organizations accept and implement new technological solutions in their health and wellbeing processes.”

Minna Lappi, Chief Marketing Officer at MoveSole


“Our company attended a webinar organized by The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, where Michel Patteet from Prodigo introduced Swiss market opportunities for Slovenian companies.

After a very interesting seminar we contacted them for an individual meeting, where we decided to partner with Prodigo. After a market reasearch we got many direct contacts and we were able to offer our products to many Swiss companies.

As the Swiss market is very specific, we are very happy that we decided to cooperate with Prodigo and we are looking forward to our next partnership.”

Janja Juvan, Marketing and Sales Manager at TRO

Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts

“The Swiss market is an undiscovered market yet here in Lithuania, therefore we were very glad to organize a webinar about the business environment and market tendencies in Switzerland together with Prodigo. It was a great success! Not only general information about the market, but also insights about potential opportunities targeting Lithuanian companies were presented. The companies were very satisfied with the information they received and we would be glad to cooperate with Prodigo in the future!”

Agne Jaraite, Head of International Relations and Protocol Department at Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts


“As a member of The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, I had a privilege to attend a seminar to introduce Swiss market opportunities for Slovenian companies. Since I was very satisfied with Prodigo Team market overview and presentation, we decided to take an opportunity and start to work with Prodigo on the individual basis. I am pleased to become Prodigo’s partner, since our cooperation is at high professional and transparent level. We appreciate their experiences in food segment and clear understanding of market entering process. I rely on their fast acting. I believe, together we are strong enough to handle all the challenges and enter Swiss market. I strongly recommend to make a partnership with Prodigo and create another successful business story. I am looking forward of our future cooperation.”

Barbara Tomše Ferenčak, General Manager of MODRI VRAT

Oslo Chamber of Commerce

“With this engaging and focused webinar, Prodigo’s Michel Patteet and Managing Partner Johan Ribaux, greatly contributed to our members awareness of the opportunities available for Norwegian companies in the Swiss market.”

Astri S. Platou, External Affairs Director at Oslo Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia

“Michel Patteet, managing partner of Prodigo was a guest speaker on a “Doing Business with Switzerland” webinar, organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (CCIS). His presentation gained much approval by the Slovenian audience, who recognized him as an expert on his field of business. This resulted in several Prodigo – Slovenian entrepreneurs business development partnerships. The CCIS appreciates the Prodigo team’s effort to deliver what was promised, but also recognized and proposed Swiss market opportunities for Slovenian companies.”

Vanja Bele, Area Manager at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia

Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

“Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized a Swiss market target seminar together with Prodigo in January 2021. Michel Patteet, the managing partner of Prodigo, was recommended to us as a Swiss market expert and together we organized a successful event to introduce Swiss market opportunities for Estonian companies. The event received great interest from Estonian companies and Michel went an extra mile in delivering a very interesting presentation and giving a market overview. Working with him was a great pleasure, he and his collegues are very professional and know the market and all the challenges very well. We’d be happy to collaborate in the future and recommend his services to the companies who wish to access Swiss market.”

Merit Fimberg-Espuch, project manager of Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry


“We met the representatives of the PRODIGO company as part of an online webinar on the Swiss market, where they acted as speakers and specialists in specific areas. Since by that time we were already actively preparing to enter the Swiss market, we decided to use the contacts at the PRODIGO company and turned to them for consulting services in specific areas. It was about promotional materials, branding, market analysis and legal aspects. This partner very quickly responded to our request and constructively approached the solution of the assigned tasks. We were satisfied with both the timing and the quality of the work performed. We will definitely return to them as the need arises.”

Ilja Burtsev, Managing director of Geberich GmbH


Van Den Weghe


Inotec BV

Pan-All NV