Fiscal Representation

Your fiscal representation in Switzerland

Depending on whether you have end customers in Switzerland or not, one of the variants of tax representation applies:

Fiscal representation in Switzerland

As a foreign company, as soon as a part of your turnover occurs in Switzerland, and once it exceeds 100,000 CHF (~100,000€) worldwide, your company becomes subject to VAT (source: official VAT administration). The delivery of goods is not concerned, only the provision of services. The Swiss tax authorities therefore then require that you have tax representation in Switzerland. The tax representative must be based in Switzerland. He acts as the legal domicile of the foreign company.

A correct declaration of both tax representation and VAT is very important to avoid having difficulties with the Swiss tax administration. Having a tax representative considerably speeds up the entire registration process as well as the import of goods.

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VAT refund for amounts paid in Switzerland by foreign companies

Prodigo also offers the possibility to recover Swiss VAT amounts paid in Switzerland (see official page of the Swiss tax authorities). Indeed, when the VAT amount to be recovered exceeds 500 CHF per year, you can obtain the reimbursement of the Swiss VAT paid on the costs paid by your company (fuel costs, storage fees, hotel nights, etc.). Based on the original invoices, Prodigo acts as a tax representative for you at the Swiss tax authorities and recovers the VAT paid in Switzerland.

Prodigo legally represents your company in Switzerland. By choosing Prodigo, you also benefit from a contact point in Switzerland for all other commercial questions regarding your exports.