Posting workers

Prodigo will assist you in the posting of your workers as part of a project in Switzerland

Switzerland applies accompanying measures relating to the free movement of persons with the European Union in order to protect its internal labour market from wage and social under-bidding.

Therefore, foreign companies that provide services in Switzerland by temporarily posting workers there are legally bound to comply with a certain number of minimum requirements in terms of wages and working conditions relating to the branch of activity and to the place where the work is performed. In addition, in certain sectors such as construction, cleaning or hotels, posted workers must be notified at least 8 days before the start of their activity in Switzerland.

Prodigo takes care of carrying out the necessary administrative procedures for the posting of your workers to comply with Swiss requirements:

  • Workers announcement to the Swiss service in charge;
  • Adjustment of wages to the minimumsrequired in the sector(s) in which the project is taking place;
  • Respect for working conditions (hours, rest time, public holidays);
  • Contact with the authorities of the Swiss canton where the project is taking place and control bodies.

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